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Posted by Prince Shawn.


Posted by Prince Shawn.


Pureza. Espiritu. Vida. from Patrick Pierson on Vimeo.

This marks my third filmatic journey to Costa Rica. Each time was something different and outstanding on its own. This time out I wanted to make a concerted effort to really get intimate with the culture and individuals and their way of life. There were a number of reasons for returning with multiple end goals for the footage. Here is a little piece I put together of some of the highlights of the trip.

Very special thanks to all of the sponsors and the friends that tagged along. And of course my chasing light Tico brother, Andres Madrigal.

Get out there, live as big as you can.

DP, Editor - Patrick Pierson
Pocket Black Magic Camera Gimble - Dan Hundley
Additional audio - Nick Leisenheimer

Song by The Kills - Future Starts Slow


Haciendo Política! En la nube.


Hace un par de semanas tuve una experiencia entretenida. Estaba “surfeando” facebook y vi a mi colega Jose compartir un fondo de perfil con PacMan comiendo a los otros candidatos. Jose y yo hemos sido amigos desde hace unos diez años, fácilmente más; y siempre hemos tenido la cultura de vacilar…


An architectural installation by Marcos Zotes / UNSTABLE with music by COSMOS.
Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival, February 2013

The current financial situation has left a permanent landscape of scaffolding structures scattered across the city; urban scars that remind us of the fragility of our current society. PIXEL CLOUD is an architectural installation that takes advantage of this condition, transforming an ordinary scaffolding structure into a fully immersive environment of light and sound in the heart of Reykjavík.

Design and Visual Production: Marcos Zotes / UNSTABLE
Music: Eðvarð Egilsson / Cosmos
Technical Direction: Marcos Zotes
Technical Production: Luxor
Videography: Brandenburg, Jóel Sigurðsson
Film Edition: Marcos Zotes
Sponsor: Orkusalan
Special Thanks: Höfuðborgarstofa, Hönnunarmiðstöð, Orkusalan, Luxor

More info here:
Music by COSMOS here:


Por las Plumas - DVD from Neto Villalobos on Vimeo.

De venta únicamente en Costa Rica:
Pocket Bar
El Apéndice
De aquí y de allá
Kiosko San José
Librería Central

y próximamente en:
Librería Internacional


OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

Check out the trailer for our feature film CONTINUUM:
If you’d like more information about CONTINUUM and how you can support & even pre-order the film, check out:

On the 40th anniversary of the famous ‘Blue Marble’ photograph taken of Earth from space, Planetary Collective presents a short film documenting astronauts’ life-changing stories of seeing the Earth from the outside – a perspective-altering experience often described as the Overview Effect.

The Overview Effect, first described by author Frank White in 1987, is an experience that transforms astronauts’ perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it. Common features of the experience are a feeling of awe for the planet, a profound understanding of the interconnection of all life, and a renewed sense of responsibility for taking care of the environment.

‘Overview’ is a short film that explores this phenomenon through interviews with five astronauts who have experienced the Overview Effect. The film also features insights from commentators and thinkers on the wider implications and importance of this understanding for society, and our relationship to the environment.

• EDGAR MITCHELL – Apollo 14 astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences
• RON GARAN – ISS astronaut and founder of humanitarian organization Fragile Oasis
• NICOLE STOTT – Shuttle and ISS astronaut and member of Fragile Oasis
• JEFF HOFFMAN – Shuttle astronaut and senior lecturer at MIT
• SHANE KIMBROUGH – Shuttle/ISS astronaut and Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army
• FRANK WHITE – space theorist and author of the book ‘The Overview Effect’
• DAVID LOY- philosopher and author
• DAVID BEAVER – philosopher and co-founder of The Overview Institute
Director: GUY REID
Director of Photography: CHRISTOPHER FERSTAD
Original Score: HUMAN SUITS
Filmed with Canon 5D Mk ii.
Additional footage from NASA / ESA archives
Duration: 19 minutes

Planetary Collective:
Overview Microsite:
Human Suits (original score):

For more information:
The Overview Institute:
Fragile Oasis:

New York City to Costa Rica - a selfie experience